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Leo Stapleton  was a member of the Boston Fire Department for thirty-nine years; during the last seven years of his career he served as both Commissioner and Chief of Department.


 Cap'n       2000                                          In stock    7          $27.95

Billy Simpson's Journal  2004              In stock    12         $27.95

Deputy     2006                                          In stock     8           $27.95

Fire Fighting Reflections  2007            In stock     2           $24.95

                                            Other Authors  

The Donnovans                                       In stock      13        $24.95

Fire Duty                                                     In stock     7          $24,95 

Maltese Cross                                           In stock     6          $24.95

The Twelfth hour                                     In Stock     16         $24.95

The Usual                                                  In Stock     3           $24.95

Bringing Everybody Home                   In Stock     12        $24.95

Flames And Faces                                  In Stock     5           $27.95

Lights And Sirens                                   In Stock    14         $ 24.95

Fire of God                                                In Stock    21         $24.95

The Fire Factory                                      In Stock    16         $24.95

First to the Flames                                  In Stock     8          $19.95

History of the HFD Volunteer Fire Dept        In Stock    50         $15.95

The Collatse                                            In Stock      3          $24.95

History of the American steam fire engine  In Stock     3          $24.95


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