Name                      Position                         E-mail                         Exp

Albert Kruger            President                                               2020
Richard Lenker         1st Vice President                   
William Caulfield       2nd Vice President                       2019
John Bruetsch          Treasurer & Finance Chairman    2020
Darlene Deitz             Financial Secretary                    2018
Lori Setcavage          Recording Secretary                   2018
Albert Lorence         
Newsletter  Public Relations Chairman    2018
Albert Kruger            Collections                                             2020
Brian Enterline          Representative to Harrisburg   
Dan Soulier                                                                           2018
Dave Houseal             Historian                                                       2018
Donald Deitz              Representative to Midtown                 2019
John Melham                                                                      2019
John Wagner             Marketing & Gift Shop                
Julie Bruetsch           Membership                              2020
Larry Cook                 Data  Collections                                    2020
Linda Wertz               Special Events                                     By Request                            2019
Richard Lenker         Building Chairman & Website          2020
Rick Wertz                 Master Mechanic                                 By Request                             2019
William Caulfield       Rolling Stock                                   2019

Kevin Gill                   Chairman Fund Raising Com.            2018                                                                                    



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The Following museum members have been elected to serve as your officers at the annual meeting held on the third Saturday of January.