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First constructed in 1899 and extensively renovated as a museum in 1995, the Reily is a beautiful Victorian-style fire station. As with all structures, time and especially weather take a toll on the now 23-year-old rebuilt firehouse.  Within the past year, the PNFM has faced expensive emergency repairs on its roof and bell tower.

While funds have been diverted to minimal repairs to maintain the integrity of the building and its contents, more work needs to be done, including the replacement of all windows.  These windows are wood, are at end of their life expectancy and deteriorate 

Currently, the volunteers of the PNFM are raising funds in a number of ways, including participation in “dine out” events at local establishments, solicitation of museum members and the general public, and seeking corporate sponsorships. Of the estimated $96,000 dollars needed for the necessary repairs, approximately 30% has been raised thus far.

We need you! The Reily answered the call for help for 81 years before becoming the museum. Now it is our turn to answer her plea for assistance. Please click on the helmet donate button on our web page, or contact us directly to learn more about how you can help.



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The Fire Museum is 100% volunteer, operated and staffed on a full-time basis, six days a week.  We welcome anyone with an interest in history, meeting people, research, exhibit, design, art, or simply socializing to join us as a volunteer.  Please stop in and see us or contact any of those listed on the Directors page of the website.


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Coming to the Museum  


 April 20th, 6-9 PM   




​Armstrong Valley Winery,   J&P Winery,   Riverbend Hop Farm Brewery,

​Service First with Cheese and Crackers

Free Admission





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Enter the 1899 Victorian Firehouse, Home of the Reily Hose Co. No. 10  and experience the sights and sounds of Firefighting History. The Pennsylvania National Fire Museum features fire apparatus from Handtubs and Steam Pumpers, hand drawn to horse drawn, to motorized Engines and a 1935 MACK tillered Ladder Truck. An outstanding and varied collection of artifacts are on display.


Through a generous grant from AT&T we have updated our displays throughout the Museum