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May 1st - Mon-Closed

May 2nd-Tues-Jim Derstine

Calvary Christian Academy  10 a.m. 16children & 4 adults[2 staff needed]Don Gardner

May 3rd-Wed- Richard Lenker,Ken Beam(10-1:30)

May 4th-Thurs-Fred Soulier

May 5th-Fri-Dave Houseal

Apple Blossom Festival, Winchester VA. FF day [J. Wagner, B. Caulfield]

May 6th-Sat-Kevin Gill

Fire Museum of Md. Muster[J.Wagner, R. Lenker, B. Caulfield]

May 7th-Sun-Larry Cook, Al Lorence

May 8th- Mon-Closed

May 9th-Tues-Darlene and Donald Deitz

May 10th-Wed- Richard Lenker,Ken Beam(10-1:30)

May 11th-Thurs-

Senior Saints[no time yet] 20 adults[2 additional staff:John Wagner,Al Kruger

May 12th-Fri-Al Kruger

May 13th-Sat-Al Kruger, Kevin Gill(be in at 11)

General clean up detail for museum 8:30 a.m. until ???-Don Gardner,

May 14th-Sun-Mother’s Day-Museum Closed

May 15th- Mon-Closed

May 16th-Tues-Jim Derstine

Hidden Journey 54 children/adults[4th grade] 11:15 a.m.[4 additional staff needed[John Wagner,Al Kruger, Don Gardner

May 17th–Wed- Richard Lenker

May 18th–Thurs-Fred Soulier, Al Kruger

Expo-Set Up[10:30-2 p.m.]-[extra staff needed]Don Gardner[11-3]

May 19th- Fri.-[6 staff needed at museum at 9 a.m.]Fred Soulier, Bill Caulfield, Lori Setcavage Darlene and Donald Deitz

[Staff at Expo booth: John Wagner, Larry Cook, John Bruetsch, Al Kruger]

[Museum hours extended to 6 or 7 p.m. depending on foot traffic]

May 20th-Sat.-[6 staff needed at museum at 9 a.m.] Al Kruger, Fred Soulier(aft.only), Bill Caulfield, Lori Setcavage, Darlene and Donald Deitz, Kevin Gill

[Staff at Expo booth: John Wagner, Larry Cook, John Bruetsch]

            Rental: Private Party-Spartan ERV 4 p.m.[set up needed 2-3 p.m.]

May 21st-Sun.-[ 4 staff needed at museum] Fred Soulier, Al Kruger, Larry Cook, Al Lorence,Don Gardner(‘til 2)

[Staff at Expo booth: John Wagner, John and Julie Bruetsch, Bill Caulfield, Lori Setcavadge]

Expo- Staff needed to assist with tear down and transport on Sunday, May 22nd after 3pm-[John Wagner,

May 22nd- Mon-Closed

May 23rd–Tues-

May 24th–Wed- Richard Lenker,Ken Beam(10-1:30)

Historic Hbg Assn. Reception/Awards 5-8 p.m.[8 additional staff needed]

May 25th–Thurs-Fred Soulier

May 26th–Fri-Al Kruger

May 27th- Sat.-Memorial Day Weekend-Museum Closed

May 28th- Sun.-Memorial Day Weekend-Museum Closed

May 29th- Mon-Closed

May 30th-Tues-Jim Derstine

May 31st –Wed-Al Kruger, Richard Lenker,Ken Beam(10-1:30)

Need personnel to staff museum

Need personnel to help with tours

Museum Closed

Museum related events requiring manpower

Not our museum related events involving our personnel

As of: 4/28/17