Dec. 1st-Sat-Fred Soulier

Dec. 2nd-Sun-Larry Cook

          Museum Board meeting 2 p.m.

Dec. 3rd-Mon-Museum Closed

Dec. 4th-Tues-Bill Minsker  

Dec. 5th-Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Bean(10-1:30)

Dec. 6th-Thurs-  John Melham 

Dec. 7th-Fri-Bill Minsker

Dec. 8th-Sat-Kevin Gill, John and Julie    Bruetsch

Dec. 9th-Sun- Larry Cook

          Historic Harrisburg Candlelight Tour

Mid-Town Santa-afternoon(Donald, Darlene Deitz)

Dec. 10th-Mon-Museum Closed

Dec. 11th-Tues-Bill Minsker

Dec. 12th-Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Bean(10-1:30)

Dec. 13th-Thurs- John Wagner

Dec. 14th- Fri-Dave Houseal, Bill Minsker

Dec. 15th-Sat-Fred Soulier

          Third Saturday at the Museum-9-noon

Dec. 16th-Sun- Larry Cook

Dec. 17th-Mon-Museum Closed

Dec. 18th-Tues-Donald and Darlene Deitz, Bill Minsker

Dec. 19th-Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Bean(10-1:30)

Dec. 20th-Thurs- Don Gardner, Rick and Linda Wertz

Dec. 21st-Fri-Dave Houseal, Bill Minsker

Dec. 22nd-Sat-Kevin Gill

Dec. 23rd-Sun- Larry Cook, Bill Minsker

Dec. 24th-Mon-Museum Closed

Dec. 25th-Tues-Christmas-Museum Closed

Dec. 26th-Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Bean(10-1:30)

Dec. 27th-Thurs- Don Gardner

Dec. 28th-Fri-Dave Houseal, Bill Minsker(11-4),

Dec. 29th-Sat-John and Julie Bruetsch

Dec. 30th-Sun- Larry Cook, Bill Minsker

Dec. 31st-Mon-Museum Closed

Need personnel to staff museum

Need personnel to help with tours

Museum Closed         Museum scratched

Museum related events requiring manpower

Not our museum related events involving our personnel                              

As of: Nov. 19, 2018


Jan. 1st –Tues-New Years Day-Museum Closed

Jan. 2nd –Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Beam[10:00 to 1:30]

Jan. 3rd –Thurs-

Jan. 4th –Fri-Dave Houseal, Bill Minsker, Jim Taljan

Jan. 5th –Sat-

Jan. 6th –Sun-Larry Cook, Bill Minsker

Jan. 7th –Mon. Museum Closed        

Jan. 8th –Tues-Jim Derstine, Bill Minsker

Jan. 9th –Wed- Richard Lenker, Ken Beam[10:00 to 1:30]

Jan. 10th –Thurs-

Jan. 11th - Fri-Dave Houseal, Bill Minsker, Jim Taljan

Jan. 12th-Sat-

Jan. 13th–Sun- Larry Cook

Jan. 14th- Mon. Museum Closed

Jan. 15th-Tues-

Jan. 16th-Wed- Richard Lenker, Ken Beam[10:00 to 1:30]

Jan. 17th-Thurs-

Jan. 18th –Fri-Dave Houseal, Jim Taljan

Jan. 19th –Sat.

Museum Annual Meeting-2:00 p.m

Jan. 20th –Sun.- Larry Cook

Jan. 21st - Mon. Museum Closed

Jan. 22nd –Tues-Jim Derstine

Jan. 23rd –Wed- Richard Lenker, Ken Beam[10:00 to 1:30]

Jan. 24th –Thurs-

Jan. 25th –Fri-Dave Houseal, Jim Taljan

Jan. 26th –Sat-

Jan. 27th –Sun- Larry Cook

Jan. 28th - Mon. Museum Closed

Jan. 29th –Tues-Bill Minsker

Jan. 30th –Wed- Richard Lenker, Ken Beam[10:00 to 1:30]

Jan. 31st –Thurs-

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