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Oct. 1st- Mon-Museum Closed      

Oct. 2nd-Tues-      

Oct. 3rd-Wed-

Oct. 4th-Thurs-

Oct. 5th-Fri-Dave Houseal

Oct. 6th-Sat.-

Hampton Twp Fire-Off-site Sales-arrive by 9:15, John Wagner-One additional staff member required(10-2 p.m.)

Oct. 7th-Sun-

          Fire Museum Board of Directors meeting 2:00 p.m.

Oct. 8th- Mon-Museum Closed

Oct. 9th-Tues-Jim Derstine

Oct. 10th-Wed-

Oct. 11th-Thurs-

Lower Swatara Fire-Off-site Sales-arrive by 5:15 p.m., John Wagner-One additional staff member required(6-8 p.m.)

Oct. 12th-Fri-Dave Houseal

Oct. 13th-Sat-

Rutherford Fire-Off-site Sales-arrive by 11 a.m., John Wagner-One additional staff member required(noon -3 p.m.)

Oct. 14th-Sun-

Oct. 15th- Mon-Museum Closed

Oct. 16th-Tues-

Oct. 17th-Wed-

Oct. 18th-Thurs-

Oct. 19th-Fri-Dave Houseal

Oct. 20th-Sat-

Oct. 21st-Sun-

Oct. 22nd- Mon-Museum Closed

Oct. 23rd-Tues-Jim Derstine

Oct. 24th-Wed-

Oct. 25th-Thurs-

Oct. 26th-Fri-Dave Houseal

          Ghost Night Fundraiser at museum-4 p.m. til ?(All hands needed)

Oct. 27th-Sat-

          Fire Museum of Maryland Lantern Night-Anyone going to help them staff???

Oct. 28th-Sun-

Oct. 29th- Mon-Museum Closed

Oct. 30th-Tues-

Oct. 31st-Wed-

Need personnel to staff museum

Need personnel to help with tours

Museum Closed         Museum scratched

Museum related events requiring manpower

Not our museum related events involving our personnel                              

As of: Sept 14, 2018


Sept. 1st-Sat-Closed Labor Day

Sept. 2nd-Sun-Closed Labor Day

Sept. 3rd- Mon-Museum
Closed Labor Day        

Sept. 4th-Tues-

Sept. 5th-Wed-Rich Lenker, Ken Beam(10-1:30)

Sept. 6th-Thurs-

Sept. 7th-Fri-Dave Houseal, Bill Minsker

Sept. 8th-Sat-Rick Wertz, Dave Houseal

Fire Museum of Maryland muster-need staff for remote sales: John and Julie Bruetsch

Schuylkill Fire Historical Society muster-need staff for remote sales: John Wagner

Sept. 9th-Sun-Larry Cook, Bill Minsker

Sept. 10th- Mon-Museum Closed      

Chambers Hill Fire Co. meeting 6:30-Need staff to open and close(Rich Lenker

Sept. 11th-Tues-Fred Soulier, Jim Derstine

          9-11 Bell Tolling and Memorial-John Wagner, Rich Lenker-Need additional staff to greet and run museum

Sept. 12th-Wed-Rich Lenker, Ken Beam(10-1:30)

Sept. 13th-Thurs-Fred Soulier

Sept. 14th-Fri-Bill Minsker

Sept. 15th-Sat-Kevin Gill

Sept. 16th-Sun-Larry Cook

Sept. 17th- Mon-Museum Closed        

Sept. 18th-Tues-Donald and Darlene Deitz, Bill Minsker

Sept. 19th-Wed-Rich Lenker, John Melham, Ken Beam(10-1:30)

          Tour:Utz Terrace Seniors 20 people 10:30 a.m.

Sept. 20th-Thurs-

Sept. 21st- Fri-

Tour: AAA 2 buses from Akron Oh. Afternoon.  106 people. Times not specified yet-Fred Soulier, Kevin Gill

Sept. 22nd-Sat-Kevin Gill, John and Julie Bruetsch

Sept. 23rd-Sun-Larry Cook, Bill Minsker

Sept. 24th- Mon-Museum Closed        

Sept. 25th-Tues-Jim Derstine

Sept. 26th-Wed-Rich Lenker, Ken Beam(10-1:30)

Sept. 27th-Thurs-Fred Soulier

Sept. 28th-Fri-Dave Houseal

Sept. 29th-Sat-Bill Minsker

Sept. 30th-Sun-


As of: Aug 26, 2018