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JUNE, 2017 MUSEUM Staffing                   

June 19th- Mon-Closed

June 20th-Tues-Jim Derstine

Landmark Bus Tour 3:30 p.m. -52 adults[4 additional staff needed] Al      Kruger, Don Gardner, John Melham, Darlene and Don Dietz, John Wagner

June 21st- Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Beam

June 22nd-Thurs-Fred Soulier

Tour of HACC 1st Responders (10-20?) age 14-17- 9:00 a.m.[2 additional staff needed]Darlene and Don Deitz, Kevin Gill, Al Kruger

June 23rd-Fri-Dave Houseal

June 24th-Sat-Bill Caulfield, Lori Setcavage, Al Kruger

June 25th-Sun-Larry Cook, Al Lorence

June 26th- Mon-Closed

June 27th-Tues-Al Kruger, Don Gardner

Large group tour 11 a.m. 7 adults-20 teens[3 additional staff needed] John Melham,

June 28th-Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Beam

June 29th-Thurs-Fred Soulier

June 30th-Fri-Dave Houseal


July 1st –Sat-Al Kruger, Kevin Gill

July 2nd –Sun-Larry Cook

July 3rd - Mon-Closed

July 4th –Tues- Closed Independence Day

July 5th –Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Beam

July 6th –Thurs-Fred Soulier

July 7th –Fri-Dave Houseal

Restaurant Row Run(???)

PPP Hospitality evening. (Rick[driver] and Linda Wertz, Al Kruger, Richard Lenker

July 8th –Sat-Dave Houseal, Al Kruger, Richard Lenker

PPP Muster site staff: John Wagner, Larry Cook, Bill Caulfield, Lori Setcavadge,

E16/E3/L2-(Rick[driver] and Linda Wertz,

July 9th –Sun-Larry Cook, Al Lorence

Starr Tours 54 adults, 1 p.m.(4 additional staff needed)Fred Soulier, Al Kruger

July 10th - Mon-Closed

July 11th –Tues-Rick and Linda Wertz

July 12th –Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Beam

July 13th –Thurs-Fred Soulier

July 14th -Fri-Dave Houseal

July 15th –Sat-Al Kruger

July 16th –Sun-Larry Cook, Al Lorence

          HFD Retired men meeting 2:00p.m.

July 17th - Mon-Closed

July 18th –Tues-Jim Derstine

July 19th -Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Beam, John Melham

July 20th -Thurs-Fred Soulier

July 21st -Fri-Dave Houseal

          Executive Committee Meeting 7:30 pm.

July 22nd -Sat-Bill Caulfield and Lori Setcavadge

July 23rd –Sun-Larry Cook, Al Lorence

July 24th - Mon-Closed

July 25th -Tues-Darlene and Donald Deitz

July 26th -Wed-Richard Lenker, Ken Beam

July 27th -Thurs-Fred Soulier

July 28th -Fri-Dave Houseal

July 29th -Sat-Al Kruger

July 30th –Sun-Larry Cook, Al Lorence

July 31st – Mon-Closed

Need personnel to staff museum

Need personnel to help with tours

Museum Closed

Museum related events requiring manpower

Not our museum related events involving our personnel

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