Yesterday at our Annual Meeting a very special event took place. John Wagner retired and ended his 24 year stint as a member of the Board of Directors. He was recognized for his dedication and service as Secretary, Acting Treasurer, First Vice President and Board member, and also his work as Manager of the gift shop and Marketing and Advertising Chairman. John has worn many hats in his time at the Reily Firehouse.He now holds the title of First Vice President Emeritus. A Lifetime Family Membership was bestowed upon Him and his family. John was surprised with the award and was joined by his wife Carol,daughter Melanie and her partner Tom. Words cannot express our thanks for all you do John.



Recently we acquired a 1910 Hose Cart from the Defender Fire Co. No. 3 in Berwick, Pa.  The cart is prominently displayed inside the bay doors of the Engine Room.

Just in for the expo  " The Gamewell Room" a 10 minuet video.  with our own  "Electric One"

                JOHN C. WAGNER




This area of the museum has been dedicated and renamed as "Oliver E. Wagner, Jr. Hall" in memory and honor of this charter Board Member and Treasurer of the PA National Fire Museum from its first organizational meeting in 1992 until his passing in April, 2015. There is a display that shows cases his service as a volunteer firefighter with the Reily Hose Company #10, the Riverside Fire Company #15, and Rescue Fire Company #37. There are also artifacts reflecting his dedicated service to the PA National Fire Museum as well as his 20 years of service with the Pennsylvania National Guard.            

Submitted by John C. Wagner, First VP




  Oliver E. Wagner, Jr.
   January 16, 1945 – April 17, 2015
                     Rest in Peace, Brother                 

There will also be a display of artifacts from the last three fire companies from the Columbia Consolidated Fire Department, Columbia, PA. The last three companies that faded into history were the Vigilant Fire Company #2, the Shawnee Fire Company #3, and the Keystone Fire Company #5.

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The alarm room now includes the Dauphin County Fire Dispatch Console that was in service during the nuclear incident at Three Mile Island in March of 1979. This now gives the PA National Fire Museum the capability to demonstrate the transmission of a fire alarm utilizing a replica " fire watch rattle" for the sounding of an alarm in the 1700’s; visitors can "pull the box" to transmit an alarm through the Gamewell Alarm System, dating from the late 1800’s through the 1980’s; finally using electronic equipment to transmit the "tones" for a fire alarm from the 1970’s to the present.

Follow the alarms from a rattle, the pings and bells of the street corner box alarm, to the tone dispatch of recent years.  

      THE  ROYAL  GALLERY                  

This array of photographs gets its name by using the window frames from the former Royal Fire
Company #14 of Harrisburg. This year’s feature firefighter photographer is Jason Coleman Cobb Photographs will be displayed from major fire incidents in Harrisburg and surrounding communities. There will also be photographs from working fires from the Baltimore riots and Detroit’s Devils Night.

                                                THE  BUSKEY  APPARATUS  ROOM

Entering the Buskey Room, above the ramp, you will see a large US Flag on display. The flag was made entirely from used fire hose by member Dan Rothermel. He and Dave Gilky also helped to hang it.

A beautiful all white 1951 "A"Model MACK 750 GPM pumper donated by the Defender Fire Co. #3 Berwick, Pa. is the new addition to our  motorized apparatus  collection. It joins Engine 16 and Ladder 2, and will accompany them to parades and musters we attend.

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             Gamewell System

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Congratulations to Kevin Gill. Today, 4/2/ 2017, at the monthly Board meeting, Kevin was appointed as a new member of the Board of Directors. Kevin has been active as a staffer and in many contributing roles in fund raising and event planning. We welcome Kevin and look forward to working with him on future endeavors at the Reily.